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  • Aiming to be the customer preferred choice, delivering positive
    impact for the marine industry

Ship Construction and Engineering
PT. Hansway Indonesia provide vessel repair services & many other services for marine & shipping industry by involving the best experiences technicians in mechanical, electrical & Others.

Tugboat and Barge Rental
PT. Hansway Indonesia provide the rental services for oil & gas company and other shipyard / shipping company with various & particular ship / vessel also in complete set rigs / tugs by committing to fullfill their needs.
Warehousing and Logistic
PT. Hansway Indonesia expert & experiences services to every producer melude supplier, distributor, with the logistic services, export-import, storage that is convenient with clients budgets & needs.
Ship chandler and Marine Equipments
PT. Hansway indonesia presence is to provide every credibility supply & every daily and routine supply requested by our client especially in shipping sphere, that growth to one main purpose " to serve every clients for every