Ship Chandler and Marine Equipments

PT. Hansway indonesia presence is to provide every credibility supply & every daily and routine supply requested by our client especially in shipping sphere, that growth to one main purpose " to serve every clients for every provision to achieve their project administration ".
PT. Hansway Indonesia hadir menydiakan apa yang menjadi kebutuhan pokok ataupun kebutuhan sehari - hari kapal dan juga menyediakan semua produk yang diminta oleh kapal, dengan satu tujuan yaitu " untuk melayani penyediaan peralatan untuk persyaratan project mereka ".

"Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery, Fast Response Quotation, Quality Quarantee, Quantity Quarantee Customer Satisfaction Oriented, 30 days Payment Terms, Wide Distribution Network"

Provides Service :
- Rigging
- Chart & Publications
- Fresh Water Supply
- Safety Equipment
- Electrical Equipment
- Navigation Equipment
- Mechanical Equipment
- Marine Filters
- Marine Gas Oil
- Marine Lubricants
- Provision & Galley Store