Ship Construction and Engineering

PT. Hansway Indonesia, which is based in Batam, specialized in providing Ship Repairments and Maintenances to Ships’ Owners. We are able to carry out our tasks in our workshop, onboard vessels especially in Batam Island and within the Indonesian Sea. We will maintain our service with the best quality, professionalism and we ensure that each project awarded to us will achieved excellent result and reached the customer satisfaction.

Our approach to our clients and jobs alike is full of commitment and focus, emphasizing on the following pillars:

1. FAST Response in Providing Cost
2. Short Repair Duration
3. Low, Reasonable and Manageable Repair Cost
4. Suitable, Disciplined and Qualified Workers
5. Practical Safety Practices
6. Quick Team Mobilization

PT. Hansway Indonesia will always executes every single job to the best of our ability, capability and making sure that the quality will always meet the requirements of our customers with the time taken for these tasks are kept to the minimum. We are able to perform and carry out these following items:

"30 Experience Techincal Personel in their fields, Fast Quotation Response (Survey), 30 days Payment terms Warranty Services, Competitive Price with Excellent & fast Services"

Our Scope of Work :

- Hazardous Waste / Normal Waste
- Electrical Engineering Services
- Mechanical Engineering Services
- HVAC Engineering & Consulting
- Pipe Works Services
- Ship Repair
- Carpentry Services
- Inspection Survey
- Fumigation Services
- Equipment Certification
- Steel Works Services

- Engineering Consulting
- Marine Offshore Services

- Renew Certificate Liferaft
- Annual Inspection for LSA & FFA

- Fire Exthinguisher and ETC
- Calibration Flowmeter di batam