PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari was established in 2020 as the leading supplier and specialist in servicing of company Life saving equipment and Fire fighting equipment, with our key markets in Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas and Industrial Sectors.

PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari has experienced qualified personnel in Sales, Support and Operation team equipt with knowledge, dedication and passionate in accomplishing the jobs entrusted to our company. We are able to provide expert knowledge, information, best quality of products, Affordable price for cost reduction to help serve our customers' needs. PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari is constantly improving internally in purpose to provide the best level of quality and service to our customers.

In our services on Life saving equipment and Fire fighting equipment, we are able to work onboard at anytime and anywhere supported by our ever-expanding network of partners, and with approval from several classification bodies of IACS ( LLyod, ABS, BV, DNV-GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA & BTKP ), to make sure our customers can achieve the right standard of safety. PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari is continuously expanding its network of service and supply to our customers throughout the region and beyond.





Committed to Perform services for safety equipment throughout Indonesia and at internetional level, with the aim of building a standard for safety as the main pillar without any tolerance for safety, quality, ethics and maintain a responsible business management.


  • Provide Services, Education and Solutions to continue to understand customer needs in accordance with the SOLAS Safety Standards (LSA & FFA) for All Customers both Onshore and Offshore.
  • Provide Safety equipment while maintaining the quality that meets the SOLAS safety standards.
  • Maintain HONESTY + INTEGRITY + UNITY + LOYALTY + ATTITUDE to all Customers.
  • Increase company value by supporting creativity, innovation and competency development of human resources for every party involved.
  • Carry out business activities that are profitable and not detrimental to all parties, while focussing on good cooperation. 



    A. Life rafts & Lifeboat

    Our inspections:

  • 5-yearly inflation with liferaft's own gas-cylinder
  • Floor seam test for older liferafts
  • 10% Overload test to be performed every 10 years
  • Renewal of expired HRU's, repair of polyester cannisters, inspection of survival kits
  • 5-yearly Load Test Life Boat
  • Test Davit, Test Winch, Check Engine

    B. Fire Extinguisher

    Our inspections:
  • Yearly inspection, check-up and functionality of the system.
  • Analysis and if necessary replacement of the fire extinguisher.
  • Contents-check and if necessary renewal, hydrostatic testing & refilling of the propellant gas cylinders.
  • Blow-through and inspection of the distribution lines.
  • Certification.
  • C. Fixed CO2 Systems

    Our inspections:
  • Visual inspection and leak-testing of storage containers (cylinders).
  • System check for proper functioning including valves, activators, alarms & time delays.
  • Distribution-lines and -nozzles are examined, blown-through and checked for appropriate performance.
  • Level-check, periodical hydrotesting, refilling and if the case renewal of CO2-cylinders.
  • Complete review of the system complying to all major classification regulations.
  • Certification And Drawing Any Class
  • D. FM-200 Systems

    Our inspections:
  • Contents-check of cylinders.
  • Operating pressure is sufficient.
  • Pilot cylinder capacity is adequate or pull-cable is functioning properly.
  • Distribution lines & -nozzles are free.
  • Alarms are tested and system restored in good working order.
  • E. Breathing Apparatus, Medical Oxygen & EEBD

    Our inspections:

  • Yearly inspection and servicing of the complete set.
  • 5-Yearly hydrostatic pressure testing of the air cylinder.
  • Repairing and maintenance.
  • Complete overhauling of older equipment.
  • Function testing and desinfection of full face masks.
  • Pressure-adjustment of demand valves.
  • Certification.
  • Repairing of cylinders (internal and external) and valves
  • F.Immersion Suits & Life Jackets

    Our inspections:
  • Yearly inspection and maintenance.
  • 3-yearly inspection (pressure testing and submerging).
  • Leak-detection.
  • Repairing as per manufacturers instructions.
  • Replacement of life-lights, whistles…
  • Cleaning and drying.
  • Certification.
  • G.Fire Fighting Equipment


    H.Fire Detection and Alarm System

    Authorized Distributor

    I.Suporting Service on Navigation Equipment

    Our inspections:
  • Service, Repairing, Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning
  • Re – New / Supply
  • Electrical
  • Re - Program
  • Certificate
  • Register MMSI No
  • Register Call Sign No
  • Register SIKR
  • Register IMO No



    A. Load Test

    We are specialized in Load testing on various kinds of equipments. We offer a strict level of safety test and inspection on all equipments and lifting gears to enhance our customer and their client's confidence towards their certified test result. Load testing is very important when determining the safety and efficiency of your equipment.

    PT. Hansway Safetindo Bahari provides operational and proof testing along with certification for all types of crane and lifting equipment based on the mandatory requirements of government & industrial standards.

    Load testing is not only a legal requirement in all provinces, states & most countries but it’s also an essential part of any accredited inspection, repair, or maintenance program for lifting equipment.
    Proof Load testing of lifting equipment with satisfactory result, documents of certifications/third party evaluation assessments can be issued in accordance with the local jurisdictions, standards or those of the destinations of the lifting device.

  • Lifting & Hoisting equipments (Crane etc)
  • Davit Crane
  • Rescue/Life Boat
  • Spreader Bar / Beam
  • Pressure Vessel / Boiler
  • Container
  • Accommodation Ladder / Gangway
  • Separator
  • Sub-sea equipments (ROV & TMS)
  • Bollard Pull Test
  • Basket
  • Skid
  • B. Inspection & Certification

    We provide a statutory structural integrity inspections/assessment on Rigging/Lifting equipment as part of client's risk assessment program/annual survey and to meet legal/safety requirements for periodic inspections. Periodic inspection is intended to determine the need for repairing or replacing of components of the Rigging/lifting equipment/loose gears and to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for use with all applicable jurisdictions, standards and regulations.
    Safe and successful lifting operations depend on large part, in the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories that are used. Failures in this kind of equipment can result in significant or even fatal injuries. Health and safety law therefore places a number of specific obligations on those providing, controlling and using lifting equipment to properly manage these risks.

  • Rigging/Lifting Gear
  • Inspection
  • Heavy Equipments
  • Wire rope Socketing
  • Lifting & Hoisting Equipments
  • C. Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is the examination of an object or material with technology that does not affect its future usefulness. NDT can be used without destroying or damaging a product or material because it allows inspection without interfering with a product’s final use. NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost effectiveness.
    a. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements,material characterization and more.
    b. Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
    Magnetic particle testing is accomplished by inducing a magnetic field in a ferromagnetic material and then dusting the surface with iron particles. The surface will produce magnetic poles and distort the magnetic field in such a way that the iron particles are attracted and concentrated making defects on the surface of the material visible.
    c. Dye Penetrant Test
    The dye penetrant testing can be used to locate discontinuities on material surfaces. A highly penetrating dye on the surface will enter discontinuities after a sufficient penetration time, and after removing the excess dye with a developing agent, the defects on the surface will be visible.
    d. Eddy Current Testing
    This testing covers the electromagnetic testing of ferromagnetic welds and adjoining materials using the manual eddy current phase analysis technique. This procedure is considered as a surface test method only or to test welds that may be coated with non-conductive materials not exceeding 2mm thick. This test can be used for detecting any cracks, measuring the thickness of material and coating also measuring conductivity for identification of a material, detecting heat damage,determining case dept and monitoring heat treatment.
    e. Hydro, Pneumatic & Leak Testing
    Standard hydrostatic pressure testing procedures entail filling the test vessel with liquid, bleeding out air and then pressurizing the piece. The NDE inspector thoroughly examines the vessel for leaks or permanent changes in shape. The hydro test is performed with liquid, usually water or oil, because it will only expand by a very small amount, should the test piece fails and not pose a danger to the technician. The hydrostatic pressure test can also be performed with pressurized air.

    D. Our Equipment Or Rent Services

  • Loadcell, start from 5,15,25,50,125,200 & 300 ton
  • Gas Detector (BW-Max-XT II) 4 in 1 indicator (LEL,02,H2S & CO)
  • Bolster/Pillow Bag each 350 Kg (this is suitable for Load TestRescue/Life Boat & Gangway/ Accommodation Ladder)
  • Hand Jack capacity 30 ton for Pull Test Pad Eyes /Lifting Point
  • Certified various kind rigging gears
  • AC/DC Yoke
  • UT Flaw set
  • Hardness tester
  • Eddy current flow detector (Olympus)
  • Manifold cap.10.000 psi, Barton chart recorder range 2000 psi & 5000 psi & Jet Pump cap. 36000 psi


    Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison the pests within. It is used to control pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. This method also affects the structure itself, affecting pests that inhabit the physical structure, such as woodborers, drywood termites, Cockroaches, Ant, Mouse, Mosquito, and Flies.

    Type of fumigation:
    1. Fumigation
    2. Termite Control
    3. Pest control
    4. Spray Control

    Pesticides Used:

    1. Methyk Bromide ( CH3Br)
    2. Nuver Plus 600 EC
    3. Smash 100 EC
    4. Icon 25 EC
    5. Larvasida
    6. Mustang 25 EC
    7. Dragnet 380 EC
    8. Storin 30 EC
    9. Cides 50 EC
    10. Delfox 25 EC
    11. Optigard
    12. Altrine 30 EC
    13. Kiriko
    14. Rat Glue
    15. Agita
    16. Klerat
    17. Premise 200SL


    The equipment used for fumigation technician is as follows:
    1. Masks
    2. Helmet
    3. Wearpack Clothes
    4. Glove
    5. Canister
    6. Safety shoes
    7. Keys and tools

    Equipment Used for Fumigation:
    1. Spraycan non Drip
    2. ULV Nebulo
    3. Fogging Machine
    4. Spraycan Malaria
    5. Cifarelli
    6. Snake Stick


    Our Services:

    Underwater Inspection of Vessel/rig for Classification societies.(ABS,BKI,RINA,BV,GL,NKK,DNV)
    Ship Docking and Undocking Support
    Afloat Repair Services
    Underwater Hull Repairs
    Construction Diving Support
    Cable Laying Job
    Fabric Laying for Water Break
    Ship Hull Cleaning, Polishing, Maintenance, Installing
    Anode installing (zinc anode & Electrical)
    Organized Indonesia Diving Permit (for Foreign Company)
    Bathymetric Survey, Tide Table
    Diving Equipment Rental
    Human Resources


    PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari Specialized in Providing SHIP Repairs, Maintenance, Services and offers a wide assortment of products to fulfill all the needs of your ship. From wide variety of fresh, frozen and dry provisions, to bonded, cabin, deck and engine supplies, not to forget medicines and safety equipment, each and every necessity is guaranteed to meet all of the customers' expectations. We have established a Strong and Wide network with global partners, allowing us to consistently be the main source for the best products at the most competitive prices. Not to mention the rigorous selection process that each of our suppliers goes through, to ensure that we deliver solely high quality goods which definitely meet the international safety standards.

    Services :
    1. Repair & Maintenance ( Pipe, Mechanical, Steelwork, Electrical & Carpenter )
    2. HVAC Engineering & Consulting
    3. Equipment Certification
    4. Calibration Flowmeter
    5. Removal of Hazardous Waste/ Normal Waste

    Products :
    1.Mechanical Equipments
    2.Enginer Ship Spareparts
    3.Marine Filter’s
    4.Marine Lubricants(Shell, Mobil, Castrol, Total)
    5.Marine Paints
    6.Chart & Publications
    7. Safety Equipments
    8.Navigation Equipments
    9.Electrical Equipments
    10.Rigging & Lifting Equipments
    11.Supply Catering, Provision & Gallery Store
    12.Supply Marine Gas Oil by Truck
    13.Supply Fresh Water by Truck


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    PT Hansway Safetindo Bahari Is Sister Company of PT Multi Safetindo Mandiri

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